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Mission Alignment & Prioritization

For an agency to successfully deliver on its mission, there must be a common understanding of and commitment to the organization’s focus and priorities. Leaders must align performance standards and program expectations to their mission and scrutinize new endeavors to ensure ongoing consistency of effort.

Through an integrated system of business processes, policies and technologies, Acuity teams help organizations safeguard against excessive risk, keeping management focused on lowering costs and driving performance.

Acuity’s consultants help clients examine their business practices and implement procedures to link current projects, plans and business decisions back to priority agency objectives. By helping leaders review their project landscape through the lens of administration and congressional priorities, Acuity helps clients save time and money by eliminating duplicative, unnecessary or unproductive efforts and reallocating resources to support ongoing agency improvement.

Acuity’s Mission Alignment and Prioritization Services are helping clients realize real, measurable results.

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